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Scarlet, Rip My Heart Out: Ryeo Ep 9

Is anyone else sitting in their bed, eating muffins and wondering if Wang So is okay? Asking yourself if you're crazy for worrying about the wounded kyupda that was betrayed by the one person he trusted the most? Wishing they could blue-skadoo into their computer/phone and hug the poor thing and make all the bad things go away? Find yourself not able to focus on daily tasks or concentrate on the things going on around you because you are still standing there, watching Hae Soo rip his heart out?

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                                         (I don't even know what's going on anymore....)

After helping our beautiful 4th Prince by covering his scar with makeup, Hae Soo realizes that Wang So is WangJeon, the evil King she read about in history class that for some reason, kills off his brothers, entirely. Fearing for theirs and her life, she begins to act cold and distant to him, making him question her true feelings. Meanwhile, Wook believes he is the object of Hae Soo's affection and tells her that since So was able to make it rain, the king may let one of the court ladies leave their place in Damiwon, assuming it will be her. The king tells So that he may ask for anything and without hesitation, he requests that Hae Soo be given to him as a helper/servant. Of course, we all know this is so he can be close to the girl he has fallen in love with and we don't care because it's adorable and he's adorable and everything is wonderful. Except Hae Soo, she's being a bitch. A heartless one. She goes as far as to write down his makeup recipe and explain how to apply it, himself for future reference. Confused but not quite upset (yet) he brushes it off, no pun intended. What is really sad at this point is, you can tell that he feels that something is off but because he is so tired of being rejected and hurt by his loved ones, he plays it off with that famous grin and walks away. WE KNOW YOU ARE HURTING AND WE ARE SORRY! WE LOVE YOU WANG SO! No one likes Hae Soo right now. In fact, we all know that every time she comes into the picture, she's going to hurt him again and we are soo beyond done with this.

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Wook begins to notice Soo's strange ramblings and behaviour whenever So is mentioned and becomes suspicious, himself. See, what we have here, is a classic example of stirring shit up. NO ONE was doing ANYTHING or SAYING anything BAD/WRONG/DANGEROUS until little miss priss opened her mouth and started to turn the brother's against one another. What amazes me is that Wook doesn't even keep this newfound info to himself. No, he casually mentions it to the obviously evil, second female lead and she promptly spreads it from Goryeo to Walmart. I cannot believe he stirs the pot like that without even considering the consequences.

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                                                                  Did he just?
                                                        No!!  Don't tell her that!!!

The main part of this episode is the end, when Hae Soo has another vision (due to continuous shit stirring, probably) and cannot sleep. She runs out to the garden where she will most likely run into Sexy Pants, err... Wang So to get some air. He comes up behind her, heartbroken over the sickening conversation he just had with Yo and his mother and needing comfort. She pushes him away, hatefully and with eyes full of rage and fear. He is lost. He has no idea what he has done or why she has changed. She explains that she tried to stay the same, tried to change him (no she didn't btw. one sentence to someone who has no idea wtf is going on, is not going to change anything) but it was to no avail since the visions only increased in severity. "Hey don't kill people when you get mad." "Ok. Look at the pretty rain" "YOU'RE A MONSTER" ...wait, what? Enraged at this sudden and unexplained betrayal, he begs her not to look at him like a monster, like everyone else did before he met her and then kisses her, passionately. "You can't leave me without my permission" And like a bad Park Shin Hye clone, she resists the kiss with every fiber of her being.

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                                  Detective, I was wrong. I thought if we got a kiss scene
                                              everything would go back to normal.
                                               We have to change it. We have to go back.

Judging from the previews, it's about to go down. War, rage, murder, betrayal, deceit...hell it looks like he even semi kidnaps her from Wook. I'm excited to know what's in store for everyone but there is a lot of debate about whether she will end up with Wook or So or anyone. We are hoping the Korean version heavily differs from the Chinese version. That was quite a train wreck of emotions that I'm not quite ready for. Regardless of the end result, I just don't want Wang So to be hurt so please...someone go find Lee Joon Ki and hug him for me?

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Shopping King Louie

There are some new dramas coming out and replacing the feeling of emptiness I had for the ones that have ended. I will always have mad respect for W, even though I was not happy with the ending. Uncontrollably Fond is gonna make me sad every time I think about it so let's just not go there but peace to you, my lovely drama.

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I am currently enjoying Scarlet Heart, Moon Lovers, Cinderella And 4 Knights, as well as the recently joined, Jealousy Incarnate, Fantastic and Drinking Solo. These are more like filler dramas for me as they do not do what the others have done for my inner fan girl but they keep me entertained while I wait each week on my faves.

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Tonight, I began watching King Of Shopping, Louis and On The Way To The Airport. KOS, starring the handsome, Seo In Guk, is about a sheltered man who finds happiness through buying limited edition items but will soon learn that money cannot buy the rarest of them all, true love. After falling at first sight with a girl who lives in the mountains, via a documentary of her lifestyle, the two meet, as fate would have it under inconvenient circumstances. Though the episode was not clear on what happened, what I've gathered is this:
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Louis' parents died when he was young so his grandmother raised him and kept him locked away in his French mansion. While he is allowed to buy and play as he wishes, he is not allowed to leave the premises. He has a special ability that allows him to spot rare and precious items with one look and doesn't hesitate to spend as much as needed in order to obtain said items. When he hears news of his grandmother's illness, Louis sets off to Korea to see her before it's too late. While on the plane, he takes a nap. He wakes up on a set of stairs in the middle of Seoul, in his track suit, covered in dirt and newspapers, having no idea who he is or where he came from.

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Go Bok Shil is a pretty little girl who lives in the mountains in a home with no electricity and very few resources. She does not own a cell phone or any everyday products. She lives frugally in order to take care of her beloved grandmother, who is ill. One day while she is wandering through the mountains, she comes across a 50 year old ginseng and the local ahjussi's inform her that it's worth a lot of money. Excitedly, she brings it home to show her grandmother, only to find that she has passed away. Scared, alone and completely broke, Bok Shil leaves the mountain in hopes of finding her brother, Bok Nam in Seoul. After being robbed by a cunning old lady on the train, she is left with nothing but her ginseng and her name. She meets Yoon Sang Hyun, who specializes in marketing and after a rough explanation and some killer bargaining skills, manages to sell the ginseng to him. He takes it home, wondering who this strange girl is and if he can really trust her.  Bok Shil is handing out flyers for her missing brother when she sees a man, wearing the same track suit that her brother had on and rushes over to him, thinking it's Bok Nam.

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Review: I feel like we could have been given more info about what happened to Louis between the plane ride and the stairs but I guess we can only hope they will reveal that later on. I'm liking this drama. It's cute, the actors are good, the story line is kind of interesting and though I'm not completely hooked, I will continue to watch it, out of curiosity. I really enjoy the relationship between Louis and his butler. First off, this actor, Kim Ho Joon, is just an absolute joy. He has done every type of role you could imagine. I've seen him bad, I've seen him good, I've seen him quirky, boring, playful, and conservative. This guy has done everything and he never fails to keep me interested in his character, regardless of the role. He recently starred as the remorseless hospital director in Doctors and was equally entertaining. Second, he manages to create an endless amount of chemistry with everyone he is paired with. These two are a riot in their caretaker/bromance dynamic they have going on. I love watching them and I actually felt sad when I thought about how distraught he is going to be with his young master's, disappearance in the episodes to come.Image result for kdrama bromance

      3/5 Would recommend. It's light, it's fluffy and has great potential. Decent for a first episode.

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Cinderella Doesn't NEED A Knight

If you haven't already seen episode 12 of Cinderella And 4 Knights, I suggest you go find it and catch up before continuing. We left off with Ha Won finding out that this new Kang guy is her father, or so he'd like everyone to believe and JW, searching for his damsel in distress. HM continues to feign ignorance in his feelings for HJ and HJ is dumbstruck when she realizes that JW really doesn't have feelings for her. can't just actually wanna be friends with a member of the opposite sex..that's absurd.
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Ep 12
Ha Won is seen crying at the columbarium, pleading to her mother's spirit for this all to be some sick, twisted joke because she isn't ready to accept the fact that she not only had an unfaithful mother but she really did have two fathers, after all. Enter Knight 2, JW, coming to save the day and hold our beloved Cinderella in his arms as she cries away her sorrows. The two have a heart to heart about the past and the current situation, resulting in our two love birds becoming closer and reaching a mutual understanding of each other's pain. 

(But how did you find me?)
(I'm the male lead. We always know where you are.)

JW takes HW home, and like two new lovers who couldn't stand to say goodbye at the end of a first date, linger around HW's door. HJ is brooding over what happened between her and JW and decides to hit up a bar. There, she begins to pursue who is I guess one of HM's old friends. HM's other friend  alerts him of the situation, in hopes of him saving her from this douche bag. Idk. I just got creeper vibes all up on and around that dude. HM, against his better judgement, does not to go find HJ. Instead, he asks JW, who is on his way out to fetch HW, and JW tells him to cut the crap and man up because he's tired of the games. By this point, we've all figured out what's going on between HJ an HM and everyone, including JW is now sick of it. Thank GOOOOOD someone finally told him to knock it off. We're all tired of hearing about their retarded love story.

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Moving on, Chairman is still spishous as fk about who and what his new wife may or may not be doing.  The spishousness just intensifies with their morning conversation. He tells a white lie, then admits his wrongdoing in an attempt to break her but to no avail. You can just see this old man morph from silly and sweet to completely disgruntled one he realizes she's going to keep holding on. The secretary continues to follow her around and learns that she has something up her sleeve, regarding the chairman's will. Inevitably, this leads to the infamous elevator dispute but Secretary can't seem to hold his own when it comes to mommy dearest. Kind of wish he had more screen time with HW but that would complicate things between her and JW and we're just now getting to the juicy part of their story. It seems like the writers don't think we know what is going on but we do. We know everything and we're not going to let you hurt our precious chairman, you stupid witch. He was so sweet when he thought she had good intentions. :( 

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JW accidentally runs into HW's supposed father and the two have a talk at a cafe that results in JW, giving him money. Oh come on. How many dramas does it take for the male lead to figure out this is ALWAYS a BAD idea?? According to Jung Il Woo's Asian Wiki page, apparently..a lot. 

(Didn't we tell you this was a bad idea?)
(Says right here, you're an idiot.) 

JW is super psyched to tell HW how he really feels but something always manages to get in the way. He thinks about giving her the present he bought for her on White Day but assumes that now is not the right time, considering all that is happening. Meanwhile, HW finds out that her new dad has paid towards her mother's niche at the columbarium and much to the viewer's dismay, she is touched enough to contact him for a meal. He is seen, obviously gambling away the money that JW gave him to "take HW out for a meal and buy her some nice clothes" since he just felt soooo bad about not doing it..ever. -eye roll- HW and Mr. Kang meet for dinner and he pours his fake ass heart out to her, causing her to feel sympathetic enough to run and buy him a jacket. She returns to him, digging through her purse, looking for money.  Before the conversation ends, he manages to spill the beans about where the money came from. She's not happy. We totally didn't see this coming. Amiright? -_-"This guy can't possibly be my dad. Would you really fall for a guy like that, mom?" Of course, HW's mom is probably looking like all of us at this moment.

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Mr. Kang calls JW but we do not hear the conversation until later. He meets HW in front of the house and she confronts him about giving Mr. Kang, money. He tries to explain to her that he didn't do it out of pity but as every female lead before her, she doesn't listen. This leaves JW conflicted and we flashback to his phone call with Mr. Kang. Can't say I didn't expect this. Mr. Kang asks JW to set him up with a fully leased apartment. JW asks if HW knows that he's asking for things like this and Mr. Kang, mistakenly tells JW that she does in fact, know but felt too embarrassed to bring it up, herself. This is where it gets good. Remember how I told you Jung Il Woo picks characters that are quick? He knows that HW would NEVER ask for anything. I mean, this is the girl who can't even let the boys buy her outfits, for god's sake. The one who prefers cup ramen over steak dinners. The one who feels it's a waste to buy a new school uniform when hers is completely ruined. So, Mr. Detective begins investigating and it doesn't take long for him to piece things together. He goes out to the construction site where Mr. Kang works and overhears him talking about how he has found himself a great sponsor. JW, visibly pissed off, decides a DNA test is in order and promptly picks up the cup the man just finished drinking from, from the ground. If it were only this easy in other dramas. I mean, even Golden Rainbow. No one thought to do a DNA test on anyone until years later. What is with that? And it's never easy. Someone always dies or gets in the way, fakes the result or steals the papers. It's a mess. I have to commend the writer for making this such a quick and painless, experience. It was quite refreshing but I kept expecting something to interfere. 

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(You know we know that was too easy, right?) 

HM and HJ 
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(If you two don't fkn work this out)

These two are a pair of certified morons. Don't think I've seen martyrs for their own cause this big like this since...never. How are we supposed to understand these characters, much less have sympathy for their plight when they are actually just being stupid? HM loves HJ and HJ loves HM but because HM keeps pushing her away, she decides to get with any guy within a 5ft radius. Wth? Please just make this stop. She leaves to meet her latest boy toy at a cafe, but not before dropping a blatantly obvious hint about it to HM while on the phone with the guy. He barges in and grabs her like a knight in shining armor who forgot HJ was tired of his shit. Valiantly, forcing her into his car, he takes her on a drive that of course, leads to him pulling over and sulking after she tells him to stop the car. He gets out and goes in a convenient store, buys a beer, drinks it in front of her and informs her that since he has now had a drink, he can no longer drive. He gets in the passenger seat and leaves her standing there, dumbfounded. HJ eventually  gets in the car and we're left with what was obviously supposed to be comic relief. Her driving skills are as sharp as her acting skills. They look absolutely ridiculous as the car coasts along the road, other cars weaving around theirs and wildly honking as they drive by. HM wholeheartedly regrets his decision but braces himself  for the emotionally distressing drive back home.

(Just keep going straight. We'll get there some day.)

Ha Won is seen withdrawing funds from her account, leading us to believe shes' going to buy an apartment for her "father." Instead, she meets him to pay him back for the money he spent on the columbarium. He pleads with her to just give him a chance because after all, they are related to which JW replies with a DNA test result, slammed on the table. He tells him that the truth is in the envelope so he should look at it to see if they really are father and daughter. Before he has a chance to, HW rips it up and tells them she has no need for it because she trusts her mother. She knows her mother would never fall for a man like that. His rebuttal? That life is hard and after he lost his dojo, it was ruined. HW, living her life as an emotion doormat and slave to her own family, tells him she's not buying his sob story because she too has been through some shit and it didn't turn her into a waste of space. It's his fault he is who he is today. Then, she turns and walks out like a cat walk goddess, JW's grin, on her heels. A glorious moment in K-Drama history!!! These two are a force to be reckoned with. Damn! What teamwork! He didn't stand a chance. 

JW grabs HW's haaaaaaand and I eek inside. He tells her they are going on that drive they never got to finish. I love that he says "We were interrupted last time." Translation: I didn't get to confess and it's annoying the crap out of me so if everyone could just stay the fk away from us for FIVE minutes...." Yeah, you and the entire fanbase, sweety.  The drive is short but cute and filled with stolen glances, HW making all kinds of exciting noises and an apology to one another for how they handled things. HW, for being harsh and JW for not knowing better when he should have realized she wouldn't appreciate him, giving money to anyone on her behalf. They end up on a hill that is reminiscent of their vacation spot. (Oh the necklace searching feels~) She jokes about how he's an ironclad wall and so hard to get close to. She was surprised and really happy that he would go that far for her and he hands her THE box."What is it?" "My feelings for you."  She opens it but it's empty and you can almost hear HW's heart, break. She stares at him, intensely, searching his eyes for an answer. "I bought candy on white day to give that to you. But it melted so..." She turns away, thinking this was a metaphor for how he felt. "It's not Hye Ji." She turns. "It's you. The one who is in my heart." Ok, you can breathe now. Go ahead. Just let it out. We've all been keeping it in since he bought the damn thing. 

JW thanks her for getting close to him, despite his desperate attempts to push her away. "Just stay where you are. From now on, I'll be the one to come closer to you." He rushes towards her and passionately kisses her, holding her tiny face in his hands. It's sooo beautiful. Everything is perfect and I am smiling stupidly at my laptop at this point and even though you've heard that line before in another drama, long long ago, just ignore it. Revel in the moment. This is it. This is why we came here. Our ship has sailed faaar out into the deep blue. Feel the wind on your face as you remember all the bullshit you went through to get here. Taste the salt water air as you breathe in sheer bliss. That's the taste of fuck yeah. 
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And then of course, episode 13's preview promises to kill all of ours dreams. 
See you next time~

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[W] TF - A review on the greatest drama, ever..almost.

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Honestly, I don't even know where to start. I know I'm not alone when I say there were many plot holes in the last episode and I can't begin to tell you how disappointed some of us were with where this drama left us. I am still stuck in the hotel room with Yeon Joo's father, wondering why he didn't make it out alive. Honestly, I feel that his sacrifice was completely unnecessary, illogical and derived from the idea that it would raise ratings. After all, who doesn't like the ole "Save yourself and live to tell the tale" scheme? Me, that's who. Get your ass up and fight for survival! I know I know "but he had to stay so they could be together." NU UH. Not according to the logic this drama has been pushing since the beginning. If he was the creator and anything in his imagination, goes.. (hence, KC magically escaping the comic world after it supposedly ended) why couldn't he just will the villain away from his subconscious and regain his sanity in the end...and leave with KC? It was so heartbreaking and took every feel I had left after what Uncontrollably Fond put me through.
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TECHNICALLY speaking, KC died in the comic book, right? But the villain ALSO died IN the comic book, right? So why did the villain and his will remain inside of SM when the comic book finished? And by that logic, IF he hadn't died fully, the comic book should have NEVER ended. They even said that "The story ends when the villain dies," so why did it end if his subconscious was still alive? That doesn't make any sense and I can't get over it and I wont and I'm pissed off at W for doing this to me. I LOOOOVED that drama. I loved it with all of everyone's socks, even yours. Take them off and give them to W because you don't deserve them like W does. But I am so angry and confused and to be honest, HURT at how W has left me, a weeping pile of confused fan girl sads that is partially satisfied because she half expected this. :( I don't know how to feel but I was expecting more. It feels like someone kept giving me different types of candy and they became more delicious over time and then handed me the last piece but it was just a stick of gum. I don't understand these feelings.


While I'm happy that KC got to be with YJ in the end and it was cute and romantic and had super played out cliche, oh my god, im gonna throw up, closing statement about their future...I was not satisfied.
                                    Image result for if you could explain that'd be great

I wanted to know the secret behind the tablet. Am I the only one? Didn't you want to know where that demonic piece of technological satan came from? I mean, damn. Everything was normal and then all of the sudden, portal tablet. What the hell? And there was no resolution to any of this. Just another case where everything is fucked up beyond belief, yet the main couple manages to go on their merry way like nobody else matters. What about DY? What about SH? They were still in there.
I have a theory that might explain it but I'm just not satisfied with what "might" be the case. I really just want some closure so if the writers could just explain wtf happened, I'd really appreciate it. As for now, I will have to pick up the pieces of this tattered soul and carry myself to the next mind blowing drama. I really don't even know what I'm doing with my life anymore.

I'm Sick :(

And tired of Hye Ji's crap. Oh, I'm also actually sick. I came down with the flu or something. God only knows so that's why I haven't posted in a bit. I apologize if any of you were desperately awaiting my return. Pfft.

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So I'm going to rant about one of my current go-to-dramas, Cinderella And 4 Knights and I'm going to start at episode 11 so if you haven't caught up, don't read this..unless you are a masochist. I's your life...

 First of all, this show is getting a lot of flack for it's chaotic style. It has clearly lost it's way and the fans are starting to notice but we are still clinging to the lead couple's story and we all kind of secretly hope she will say fuck it and ride off into the sunset with the Secretary.

Image result for skipping into the sunset

What happened to Hyun Min's feelings for Ha Won? Why is Hye Ji suddenly pro JW? Why did SW stop going to find HW and what exactly is the point of HW's step mother/sister existing anyway?  I mean...really. All they do is gossip. They had one important role in this and that was allowing HW to move into Sky House with their nonsense. Ok, you are no longer needed. Please form a line in an orderly fashion and make your exit via the nearest cliff, I mean..door. I mean cliff. Fuck off. No one likes you. These are some of the things I've been seeing and saying. Anyway, so I keep up with the comments about the shows I watch and it's clear to me that everyone, including myself, absolutely hates Hye Ji and no one really understands what's going on anymore. We just want to watch HW and JW flirt for 20 episodes. Is that reaaaallly too much to ask?

Image result for flirt kdrama

So to recap: JW brings HJ into Sky House because her dad is a pathetic asshole who did some shit to his company and got caught and so now he's in jail and he left his precious daughter with nothing, not even a house. Father Of The Year Award goes toooo....Not that guy. JW knew he was in trouble with HW for leaving her when HJ called and even more so now for bringing the using bitch into HER territory. I love how this guy can just sense that he is in deep shit haha. Most kdrama male leads are the last to know but it's like Jung Il Woo picks his characters based on how quick they are. He does not let anyone pull the wool over his eyes, not even in character. So, in order to stay in her good graces, he is trying to figure out how to placate her.

Image result for kdrama she's mad
(Shit. She's actually mad.)

Meanwhile, HM and HJ are playing hard to get with one another while HJ uses JW to hurt HM any chance she gets. HM takes it upon himself to secretly solve all of HJ's problems but she takes the money and not the other thing, telling him that it's a burden for her to receive his help (but not his it.) Moving on, HM gives JW the key to the storage he used for all of HJ's design/sewing materials and tells him to basically make it look like he did it so she isn't "burdened" by it. For some reason, it's waaay more comfortable to receive things from the guy you are using rather than the guy who you know, actually likes you. The more you know~

Image result for kdrama logic

HJ and JW go on a food date, that ends up with them eating ramen at a convenient store. HJ finds out through various verbal signals that JW has feelings for HW, even noticing the White Day gift he bought for her in the store. So, knowing this, she does what any other female who has no feelings for the guy they are using would do, and tells HW that JW likes her. Right? NO. Not ouri Hye Ji. No sir. She fucks it up. Gloriously.

Image result for kdrama logic

HW soon realizes that because HJ is pretty, she is doomed to be left alone every day, which I think is bullshit. Everyone is just catering to HJ because she acts pitiful about...well, everything. HW accidentally ruins some of HJ's clothes in an attempt to be helpful and ends up finding out that HJ is actually planning on keeping JW for herself (the stupid bitch KNOWS they like each other, mind you) causing HW to confront JW in a vague, but firm way. JW leaves with HJ, confused until he realizes wtf is going on (I told you this guy is quick. He's just not havin it) This was the shining moment of this entire drama except for the kiss scene. He LEAVES HER ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Oh my god, words cannot express how giddy I became over this moment. I usually only  grin like I'm insane over the kiss scenes or cute parts but no, I was grinning from ear to ear as I watched karma rear its beautiful head right into this bitch's plans. HE LEFT YO ASS. And she still had the same dumb expression on her face that she has had since episode 1... 

Back at Sky House, old dude that her mom hunted down, decides he's going to use to HW for money and claims to be her real dad. So, HW not only just lost the guy she's in love with, she got a new dad, realized he's going to use her for money, and found out that her mom slept with someone else while her parents were together. That's fk'd up in any language. So she runs off to sort through her feelings and cry about it for a bit. I don't blame her. I'd probably feel like I were suffocating in that situation. JW, unaware of the situation at hand, comes home to look for HW but the maid tells him what happened so he sets off to find her. Again, any other kdrama male lead would probably think that she'd be happy to meet her real dad but not Jung Il Woo. He picks characters that pick up on shit. He remembered that she said she just wants her dad to be her real dad and he knew she'd be off, somewhere crying like the ball of emotions that she is.
 Poor thing. I really feel for her. She just keeps getting dirt kicked on her over and over again from all angles. Nothing goes right for this girl, I swear. So we are left with HJ, probably rethinking her strategy, HM most likely still brooding over Mr. Steal Yo Girl getting the props for what he did, JW searching for his princess and HW wondering why life sucks so fkn bad.
                                     Image result for kdrama quote funny

Meanwhile, I just want HJ to follow her kdrama destiny and meet that fateful car accident.
I promise you will not be missed.
                                    Image result for kdrama you should commit suicide

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Chul Ba~

Today, I'm going to talk about my favorite dramas, currently. In no particular order, they are:

W- Two Worlds
Dad creates comic world, girl meets comic guy, (wait) guy drags girl into comic world (huh?)
guy marries girl in comic world (wtf?) girl becomes target of said comic's antagonist (okay...)
girl brings guy into real world (ok that's just weird) girl and guy end up on the run in comic world
and soon find that the two worlds are merging and will eventually tear them apart, bringing them back to their respective places in life and all of us, to the edge of our seats. You know, a typical love story. So, be sure to check that one out.

Scarlet Heart - Ryeo. The tale of Lee Jun Ki and half of his beautiful face as he woos every female with eyes (ok even if your blind, that voice..) with his soul penetrating eyes, a jawline that could cut through diamond and long, luscious raven locks that fall like silk around his tanned and toned, shoulders of...okay that's not what it's about but you can't say they didn't know what they were doing when they cast him. They knew exactly what they were doing. Lee Jun Ki and IU are the OTP in this and no, I am not team Adulterer. Guess that at least explains the title. I am in love with this show and everything it is. It's cute, funny, refreshing and manages to stay in keeping with our favorite kdrama quips and tricks. I am looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out. IU and Jun Ki are absolutely adorable together and never cease to give me more butterflies than I can handle. Kang Ha Neul plays his role well but I am not fond of his character. Which brings us to our next drama....

                                                            Uncontrollably Fond - Aka Bucket O' Tears

Do not watch this drama. I repeat, do NOT watch this drama unless you are ready and I mean Kleenex (the cold touch kind, your nose is gonna get sore) Ben & Jerrys (for those jealous moments) and your favorite stuffed animal on standby, READY to cry your everliving feels out. This drama is such a feels trip, you need to bring a lunch (if you can even eat) because no one and nothing caters to you throughout the whole ordeal. There is not let up. There is no mercy for your tired, swollen eyes. It's awful. It's tragic. It's beautiful and it's magical. A roller coaster of theories, feelings and just the right amount of love-hate duality, brought this drama in at number 2 on my list of Things That Will Probably Always Make Me Sad, right after Dying Kittens. Just when you think you've got everything figured out, the players throw a curve ball that you don't expect up until the last second of the final episode. I loved the actors and their characters. The good guys did their jobs as well as the bad guys and that's hard to come by. Kim Woo Bin was PHENOMENAL as Shin Joon Young, Koreas top star who is diagnosed with a fatal illness and sets off down the road of justice to avenge his lovers father's, wrongful death and make peace with those he hurt and pushed away through his endeavours. It's a heartbreaking story of several people who love each other so much, that it quite literally, hurts. Uncontrollably Fond keeps you guessing and wanting more with each episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The ending can go fk itself.

 Cinderella and Four Knights.
This is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Starring, Park So Dam, Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Choi Min and Son Na Eun. Our lead couple starts out as Ha Won and Hyun Min (So Dam & Jae Hyun) but as the story unfolds and secrets are uncovered, the true couples begin to emerge. Ha Won and Ji Woon, slowly develop feelings for one another while Hyun Min tries to hide his from Hye Ji. Meanwhile, Seo Woo holds secret affection for Ha Won and the Secretary, keeps a watchful eye over everyone. Especially Ha Won, it seems. Eun Ha Won is a poor girl who was brought into the lives and home of 4 very handsome chaebols, each with a distinct personality of his own. Ji Woon- the cold but fragile hearted bad boy, Hyun Min - the playboy who is unaware of his own feelings, Seo Woo - the open book maknae whom everyone adores, and Yoon Sung, the chairmans secretary and Sky Houses tenant's assistant. He is kind and caring but has a secret of his own.  Ha Won who worked several part time jobs, while living under the thumb of her evil step mother and sister, lost her mother to a car accident and began to live for herself at a very young age. One day, she meets Hyun Min, who pays her to pretend to be his fiancee, dragging her into his and his cousin's lives and that is where our story begins. I'm personally on the HaWoon ship and have been since day 1 but that's probably because I know just how much chemistry Jung Il Woo can emit just by standing against a wall. It's a problem. There is definitely a birth secret hidden among the many plots this drama carries and I'm suspecting a death secret. I dislike Hye Ji, which means she's doing a good job on her role and I feel that there is something between Yoon Sung and the chairman's new wife. It all remains to be seen as we are only at episode 10 today but I will post more as it is revealed to me.