Saturday, September 10, 2016

Chul Ba~

Today, I'm going to talk about my favorite dramas, currently. In no particular order, they are:

W- Two Worlds
Dad creates comic world, girl meets comic guy, (wait) guy drags girl into comic world (huh?)
guy marries girl in comic world (wtf?) girl becomes target of said comic's antagonist (okay...)
girl brings guy into real world (ok that's just weird) girl and guy end up on the run in comic world
and soon find that the two worlds are merging and will eventually tear them apart, bringing them back to their respective places in life and all of us, to the edge of our seats. You know, a typical love story. So, be sure to check that one out.

Scarlet Heart - Ryeo. The tale of Lee Jun Ki and half of his beautiful face as he woos every female with eyes (ok even if your blind, that voice..) with his soul penetrating eyes, a jawline that could cut through diamond and long, luscious raven locks that fall like silk around his tanned and toned, shoulders of...okay that's not what it's about but you can't say they didn't know what they were doing when they cast him. They knew exactly what they were doing. Lee Jun Ki and IU are the OTP in this and no, I am not team Adulterer. Guess that at least explains the title. I am in love with this show and everything it is. It's cute, funny, refreshing and manages to stay in keeping with our favorite kdrama quips and tricks. I am looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out. IU and Jun Ki are absolutely adorable together and never cease to give me more butterflies than I can handle. Kang Ha Neul plays his role well but I am not fond of his character. Which brings us to our next drama....

                                                            Uncontrollably Fond - Aka Bucket O' Tears

Do not watch this drama. I repeat, do NOT watch this drama unless you are ready and I mean Kleenex (the cold touch kind, your nose is gonna get sore) Ben & Jerrys (for those jealous moments) and your favorite stuffed animal on standby, READY to cry your everliving feels out. This drama is such a feels trip, you need to bring a lunch (if you can even eat) because no one and nothing caters to you throughout the whole ordeal. There is not let up. There is no mercy for your tired, swollen eyes. It's awful. It's tragic. It's beautiful and it's magical. A roller coaster of theories, feelings and just the right amount of love-hate duality, brought this drama in at number 2 on my list of Things That Will Probably Always Make Me Sad, right after Dying Kittens. Just when you think you've got everything figured out, the players throw a curve ball that you don't expect up until the last second of the final episode. I loved the actors and their characters. The good guys did their jobs as well as the bad guys and that's hard to come by. Kim Woo Bin was PHENOMENAL as Shin Joon Young, Koreas top star who is diagnosed with a fatal illness and sets off down the road of justice to avenge his lovers father's, wrongful death and make peace with those he hurt and pushed away through his endeavours. It's a heartbreaking story of several people who love each other so much, that it quite literally, hurts. Uncontrollably Fond keeps you guessing and wanting more with each episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The ending can go fk itself.

 Cinderella and Four Knights.
This is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Starring, Park So Dam, Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Choi Min and Son Na Eun. Our lead couple starts out as Ha Won and Hyun Min (So Dam & Jae Hyun) but as the story unfolds and secrets are uncovered, the true couples begin to emerge. Ha Won and Ji Woon, slowly develop feelings for one another while Hyun Min tries to hide his from Hye Ji. Meanwhile, Seo Woo holds secret affection for Ha Won and the Secretary, keeps a watchful eye over everyone. Especially Ha Won, it seems. Eun Ha Won is a poor girl who was brought into the lives and home of 4 very handsome chaebols, each with a distinct personality of his own. Ji Woon- the cold but fragile hearted bad boy, Hyun Min - the playboy who is unaware of his own feelings, Seo Woo - the open book maknae whom everyone adores, and Yoon Sung, the chairmans secretary and Sky Houses tenant's assistant. He is kind and caring but has a secret of his own.  Ha Won who worked several part time jobs, while living under the thumb of her evil step mother and sister, lost her mother to a car accident and began to live for herself at a very young age. One day, she meets Hyun Min, who pays her to pretend to be his fiancee, dragging her into his and his cousin's lives and that is where our story begins. I'm personally on the HaWoon ship and have been since day 1 but that's probably because I know just how much chemistry Jung Il Woo can emit just by standing against a wall. It's a problem. There is definitely a birth secret hidden among the many plots this drama carries and I'm suspecting a death secret. I dislike Hye Ji, which means she's doing a good job on her role and I feel that there is something between Yoon Sung and the chairman's new wife. It all remains to be seen as we are only at episode 10 today but I will post more as it is revealed to me.

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