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Cinderella Doesn't NEED A Knight

If you haven't already seen episode 12 of Cinderella And 4 Knights, I suggest you go find it and catch up before continuing. We left off with Ha Won finding out that this new Kang guy is her father, or so he'd like everyone to believe and JW, searching for his damsel in distress. HM continues to feign ignorance in his feelings for HJ and HJ is dumbstruck when she realizes that JW really doesn't have feelings for her. can't just actually wanna be friends with a member of the opposite sex..that's absurd.
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Ep 12
Ha Won is seen crying at the columbarium, pleading to her mother's spirit for this all to be some sick, twisted joke because she isn't ready to accept the fact that she not only had an unfaithful mother but she really did have two fathers, after all. Enter Knight 2, JW, coming to save the day and hold our beloved Cinderella in his arms as she cries away her sorrows. The two have a heart to heart about the past and the current situation, resulting in our two love birds becoming closer and reaching a mutual understanding of each other's pain. 

(But how did you find me?)
(I'm the male lead. We always know where you are.)

JW takes HW home, and like two new lovers who couldn't stand to say goodbye at the end of a first date, linger around HW's door. HJ is brooding over what happened between her and JW and decides to hit up a bar. There, she begins to pursue who is I guess one of HM's old friends. HM's other friend  alerts him of the situation, in hopes of him saving her from this douche bag. Idk. I just got creeper vibes all up on and around that dude. HM, against his better judgement, does not to go find HJ. Instead, he asks JW, who is on his way out to fetch HW, and JW tells him to cut the crap and man up because he's tired of the games. By this point, we've all figured out what's going on between HJ an HM and everyone, including JW is now sick of it. Thank GOOOOOD someone finally told him to knock it off. We're all tired of hearing about their retarded love story.

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Moving on, Chairman is still spishous as fk about who and what his new wife may or may not be doing.  The spishousness just intensifies with their morning conversation. He tells a white lie, then admits his wrongdoing in an attempt to break her but to no avail. You can just see this old man morph from silly and sweet to completely disgruntled one he realizes she's going to keep holding on. The secretary continues to follow her around and learns that she has something up her sleeve, regarding the chairman's will. Inevitably, this leads to the infamous elevator dispute but Secretary can't seem to hold his own when it comes to mommy dearest. Kind of wish he had more screen time with HW but that would complicate things between her and JW and we're just now getting to the juicy part of their story. It seems like the writers don't think we know what is going on but we do. We know everything and we're not going to let you hurt our precious chairman, you stupid witch. He was so sweet when he thought she had good intentions. :( 

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JW accidentally runs into HW's supposed father and the two have a talk at a cafe that results in JW, giving him money. Oh come on. How many dramas does it take for the male lead to figure out this is ALWAYS a BAD idea?? According to Jung Il Woo's Asian Wiki page, apparently..a lot. 

(Didn't we tell you this was a bad idea?)
(Says right here, you're an idiot.) 

JW is super psyched to tell HW how he really feels but something always manages to get in the way. He thinks about giving her the present he bought for her on White Day but assumes that now is not the right time, considering all that is happening. Meanwhile, HW finds out that her new dad has paid towards her mother's niche at the columbarium and much to the viewer's dismay, she is touched enough to contact him for a meal. He is seen, obviously gambling away the money that JW gave him to "take HW out for a meal and buy her some nice clothes" since he just felt soooo bad about not doing it..ever. -eye roll- HW and Mr. Kang meet for dinner and he pours his fake ass heart out to her, causing her to feel sympathetic enough to run and buy him a jacket. She returns to him, digging through her purse, looking for money.  Before the conversation ends, he manages to spill the beans about where the money came from. She's not happy. We totally didn't see this coming. Amiright? -_-"This guy can't possibly be my dad. Would you really fall for a guy like that, mom?" Of course, HW's mom is probably looking like all of us at this moment.

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Mr. Kang calls JW but we do not hear the conversation until later. He meets HW in front of the house and she confronts him about giving Mr. Kang, money. He tries to explain to her that he didn't do it out of pity but as every female lead before her, she doesn't listen. This leaves JW conflicted and we flashback to his phone call with Mr. Kang. Can't say I didn't expect this. Mr. Kang asks JW to set him up with a fully leased apartment. JW asks if HW knows that he's asking for things like this and Mr. Kang, mistakenly tells JW that she does in fact, know but felt too embarrassed to bring it up, herself. This is where it gets good. Remember how I told you Jung Il Woo picks characters that are quick? He knows that HW would NEVER ask for anything. I mean, this is the girl who can't even let the boys buy her outfits, for god's sake. The one who prefers cup ramen over steak dinners. The one who feels it's a waste to buy a new school uniform when hers is completely ruined. So, Mr. Detective begins investigating and it doesn't take long for him to piece things together. He goes out to the construction site where Mr. Kang works and overhears him talking about how he has found himself a great sponsor. JW, visibly pissed off, decides a DNA test is in order and promptly picks up the cup the man just finished drinking from, from the ground. If it were only this easy in other dramas. I mean, even Golden Rainbow. No one thought to do a DNA test on anyone until years later. What is with that? And it's never easy. Someone always dies or gets in the way, fakes the result or steals the papers. It's a mess. I have to commend the writer for making this such a quick and painless, experience. It was quite refreshing but I kept expecting something to interfere. 

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(You know we know that was too easy, right?) 

HM and HJ 
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(If you two don't fkn work this out)

These two are a pair of certified morons. Don't think I've seen martyrs for their own cause this big like this since...never. How are we supposed to understand these characters, much less have sympathy for their plight when they are actually just being stupid? HM loves HJ and HJ loves HM but because HM keeps pushing her away, she decides to get with any guy within a 5ft radius. Wth? Please just make this stop. She leaves to meet her latest boy toy at a cafe, but not before dropping a blatantly obvious hint about it to HM while on the phone with the guy. He barges in and grabs her like a knight in shining armor who forgot HJ was tired of his shit. Valiantly, forcing her into his car, he takes her on a drive that of course, leads to him pulling over and sulking after she tells him to stop the car. He gets out and goes in a convenient store, buys a beer, drinks it in front of her and informs her that since he has now had a drink, he can no longer drive. He gets in the passenger seat and leaves her standing there, dumbfounded. HJ eventually  gets in the car and we're left with what was obviously supposed to be comic relief. Her driving skills are as sharp as her acting skills. They look absolutely ridiculous as the car coasts along the road, other cars weaving around theirs and wildly honking as they drive by. HM wholeheartedly regrets his decision but braces himself  for the emotionally distressing drive back home.

(Just keep going straight. We'll get there some day.)

Ha Won is seen withdrawing funds from her account, leading us to believe shes' going to buy an apartment for her "father." Instead, she meets him to pay him back for the money he spent on the columbarium. He pleads with her to just give him a chance because after all, they are related to which JW replies with a DNA test result, slammed on the table. He tells him that the truth is in the envelope so he should look at it to see if they really are father and daughter. Before he has a chance to, HW rips it up and tells them she has no need for it because she trusts her mother. She knows her mother would never fall for a man like that. His rebuttal? That life is hard and after he lost his dojo, it was ruined. HW, living her life as an emotion doormat and slave to her own family, tells him she's not buying his sob story because she too has been through some shit and it didn't turn her into a waste of space. It's his fault he is who he is today. Then, she turns and walks out like a cat walk goddess, JW's grin, on her heels. A glorious moment in K-Drama history!!! These two are a force to be reckoned with. Damn! What teamwork! He didn't stand a chance. 

JW grabs HW's haaaaaaand and I eek inside. He tells her they are going on that drive they never got to finish. I love that he says "We were interrupted last time." Translation: I didn't get to confess and it's annoying the crap out of me so if everyone could just stay the fk away from us for FIVE minutes...." Yeah, you and the entire fanbase, sweety.  The drive is short but cute and filled with stolen glances, HW making all kinds of exciting noises and an apology to one another for how they handled things. HW, for being harsh and JW for not knowing better when he should have realized she wouldn't appreciate him, giving money to anyone on her behalf. They end up on a hill that is reminiscent of their vacation spot. (Oh the necklace searching feels~) She jokes about how he's an ironclad wall and so hard to get close to. She was surprised and really happy that he would go that far for her and he hands her THE box."What is it?" "My feelings for you."  She opens it but it's empty and you can almost hear HW's heart, break. She stares at him, intensely, searching his eyes for an answer. "I bought candy on white day to give that to you. But it melted so..." She turns away, thinking this was a metaphor for how he felt. "It's not Hye Ji." She turns. "It's you. The one who is in my heart." Ok, you can breathe now. Go ahead. Just let it out. We've all been keeping it in since he bought the damn thing. 

JW thanks her for getting close to him, despite his desperate attempts to push her away. "Just stay where you are. From now on, I'll be the one to come closer to you." He rushes towards her and passionately kisses her, holding her tiny face in his hands. It's sooo beautiful. Everything is perfect and I am smiling stupidly at my laptop at this point and even though you've heard that line before in another drama, long long ago, just ignore it. Revel in the moment. This is it. This is why we came here. Our ship has sailed faaar out into the deep blue. Feel the wind on your face as you remember all the bullshit you went through to get here. Taste the salt water air as you breathe in sheer bliss. That's the taste of fuck yeah. 
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And then of course, episode 13's preview promises to kill all of ours dreams. 
See you next time~

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