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[W] TF - A review on the greatest drama, ever..almost.

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Honestly, I don't even know where to start. I know I'm not alone when I say there were many plot holes in the last episode and I can't begin to tell you how disappointed some of us were with where this drama left us. I am still stuck in the hotel room with Yeon Joo's father, wondering why he didn't make it out alive. Honestly, I feel that his sacrifice was completely unnecessary, illogical and derived from the idea that it would raise ratings. After all, who doesn't like the ole "Save yourself and live to tell the tale" scheme? Me, that's who. Get your ass up and fight for survival! I know I know "but he had to stay so they could be together." NU UH. Not according to the logic this drama has been pushing since the beginning. If he was the creator and anything in his imagination, goes.. (hence, KC magically escaping the comic world after it supposedly ended) why couldn't he just will the villain away from his subconscious and regain his sanity in the end...and leave with KC? It was so heartbreaking and took every feel I had left after what Uncontrollably Fond put me through.
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TECHNICALLY speaking, KC died in the comic book, right? But the villain ALSO died IN the comic book, right? So why did the villain and his will remain inside of SM when the comic book finished? And by that logic, IF he hadn't died fully, the comic book should have NEVER ended. They even said that "The story ends when the villain dies," so why did it end if his subconscious was still alive? That doesn't make any sense and I can't get over it and I wont and I'm pissed off at W for doing this to me. I LOOOOVED that drama. I loved it with all of everyone's socks, even yours. Take them off and give them to W because you don't deserve them like W does. But I am so angry and confused and to be honest, HURT at how W has left me, a weeping pile of confused fan girl sads that is partially satisfied because she half expected this. :( I don't know how to feel but I was expecting more. It feels like someone kept giving me different types of candy and they became more delicious over time and then handed me the last piece but it was just a stick of gum. I don't understand these feelings.


While I'm happy that KC got to be with YJ in the end and it was cute and romantic and had super played out cliche, oh my god, im gonna throw up, closing statement about their future...I was not satisfied.
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I wanted to know the secret behind the tablet. Am I the only one? Didn't you want to know where that demonic piece of technological satan came from? I mean, damn. Everything was normal and then all of the sudden, portal tablet. What the hell? And there was no resolution to any of this. Just another case where everything is fucked up beyond belief, yet the main couple manages to go on their merry way like nobody else matters. What about DY? What about SH? They were still in there.
I have a theory that might explain it but I'm just not satisfied with what "might" be the case. I really just want some closure so if the writers could just explain wtf happened, I'd really appreciate it. As for now, I will have to pick up the pieces of this tattered soul and carry myself to the next mind blowing drama. I really don't even know what I'm doing with my life anymore.

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