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I'm Sick :(

And tired of Hye Ji's crap. Oh, I'm also actually sick. I came down with the flu or something. God only knows so that's why I haven't posted in a bit. I apologize if any of you were desperately awaiting my return. Pfft.

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So I'm going to rant about one of my current go-to-dramas, Cinderella And 4 Knights and I'm going to start at episode 11 so if you haven't caught up, don't read this..unless you are a masochist. I's your life...

 First of all, this show is getting a lot of flack for it's chaotic style. It has clearly lost it's way and the fans are starting to notice but we are still clinging to the lead couple's story and we all kind of secretly hope she will say fuck it and ride off into the sunset with the Secretary.

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What happened to Hyun Min's feelings for Ha Won? Why is Hye Ji suddenly pro JW? Why did SW stop going to find HW and what exactly is the point of HW's step mother/sister existing anyway?  I mean...really. All they do is gossip. They had one important role in this and that was allowing HW to move into Sky House with their nonsense. Ok, you are no longer needed. Please form a line in an orderly fashion and make your exit via the nearest cliff, I mean..door. I mean cliff. Fuck off. No one likes you. These are some of the things I've been seeing and saying. Anyway, so I keep up with the comments about the shows I watch and it's clear to me that everyone, including myself, absolutely hates Hye Ji and no one really understands what's going on anymore. We just want to watch HW and JW flirt for 20 episodes. Is that reaaaallly too much to ask?

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So to recap: JW brings HJ into Sky House because her dad is a pathetic asshole who did some shit to his company and got caught and so now he's in jail and he left his precious daughter with nothing, not even a house. Father Of The Year Award goes toooo....Not that guy. JW knew he was in trouble with HW for leaving her when HJ called and even more so now for bringing the using bitch into HER territory. I love how this guy can just sense that he is in deep shit haha. Most kdrama male leads are the last to know but it's like Jung Il Woo picks his characters based on how quick they are. He does not let anyone pull the wool over his eyes, not even in character. So, in order to stay in her good graces, he is trying to figure out how to placate her.

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(Shit. She's actually mad.)

Meanwhile, HM and HJ are playing hard to get with one another while HJ uses JW to hurt HM any chance she gets. HM takes it upon himself to secretly solve all of HJ's problems but she takes the money and not the other thing, telling him that it's a burden for her to receive his help (but not his it.) Moving on, HM gives JW the key to the storage he used for all of HJ's design/sewing materials and tells him to basically make it look like he did it so she isn't "burdened" by it. For some reason, it's waaay more comfortable to receive things from the guy you are using rather than the guy who you know, actually likes you. The more you know~

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HJ and JW go on a food date, that ends up with them eating ramen at a convenient store. HJ finds out through various verbal signals that JW has feelings for HW, even noticing the White Day gift he bought for her in the store. So, knowing this, she does what any other female who has no feelings for the guy they are using would do, and tells HW that JW likes her. Right? NO. Not ouri Hye Ji. No sir. She fucks it up. Gloriously.

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HW soon realizes that because HJ is pretty, she is doomed to be left alone every day, which I think is bullshit. Everyone is just catering to HJ because she acts pitiful about...well, everything. HW accidentally ruins some of HJ's clothes in an attempt to be helpful and ends up finding out that HJ is actually planning on keeping JW for herself (the stupid bitch KNOWS they like each other, mind you) causing HW to confront JW in a vague, but firm way. JW leaves with HJ, confused until he realizes wtf is going on (I told you this guy is quick. He's just not havin it) This was the shining moment of this entire drama except for the kiss scene. He LEAVES HER ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Oh my god, words cannot express how giddy I became over this moment. I usually only  grin like I'm insane over the kiss scenes or cute parts but no, I was grinning from ear to ear as I watched karma rear its beautiful head right into this bitch's plans. HE LEFT YO ASS. And she still had the same dumb expression on her face that she has had since episode 1... 

Back at Sky House, old dude that her mom hunted down, decides he's going to use to HW for money and claims to be her real dad. So, HW not only just lost the guy she's in love with, she got a new dad, realized he's going to use her for money, and found out that her mom slept with someone else while her parents were together. That's fk'd up in any language. So she runs off to sort through her feelings and cry about it for a bit. I don't blame her. I'd probably feel like I were suffocating in that situation. JW, unaware of the situation at hand, comes home to look for HW but the maid tells him what happened so he sets off to find her. Again, any other kdrama male lead would probably think that she'd be happy to meet her real dad but not Jung Il Woo. He picks characters that pick up on shit. He remembered that she said she just wants her dad to be her real dad and he knew she'd be off, somewhere crying like the ball of emotions that she is.
 Poor thing. I really feel for her. She just keeps getting dirt kicked on her over and over again from all angles. Nothing goes right for this girl, I swear. So we are left with HJ, probably rethinking her strategy, HM most likely still brooding over Mr. Steal Yo Girl getting the props for what he did, JW searching for his princess and HW wondering why life sucks so fkn bad.
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Meanwhile, I just want HJ to follow her kdrama destiny and meet that fateful car accident.
I promise you will not be missed.
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