Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shopping King Louie

There are some new dramas coming out and replacing the feeling of emptiness I had for the ones that have ended. I will always have mad respect for W, even though I was not happy with the ending. Uncontrollably Fond is gonna make me sad every time I think about it so let's just not go there but peace to you, my lovely drama.

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I am currently enjoying Scarlet Heart, Moon Lovers, Cinderella And 4 Knights, as well as the recently joined, Jealousy Incarnate, Fantastic and Drinking Solo. These are more like filler dramas for me as they do not do what the others have done for my inner fan girl but they keep me entertained while I wait each week on my faves.

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Tonight, I began watching King Of Shopping, Louis and On The Way To The Airport. KOS, starring the handsome, Seo In Guk, is about a sheltered man who finds happiness through buying limited edition items but will soon learn that money cannot buy the rarest of them all, true love. After falling at first sight with a girl who lives in the mountains, via a documentary of her lifestyle, the two meet, as fate would have it under inconvenient circumstances. Though the episode was not clear on what happened, what I've gathered is this:
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Louis' parents died when he was young so his grandmother raised him and kept him locked away in his French mansion. While he is allowed to buy and play as he wishes, he is not allowed to leave the premises. He has a special ability that allows him to spot rare and precious items with one look and doesn't hesitate to spend as much as needed in order to obtain said items. When he hears news of his grandmother's illness, Louis sets off to Korea to see her before it's too late. While on the plane, he takes a nap. He wakes up on a set of stairs in the middle of Seoul, in his track suit, covered in dirt and newspapers, having no idea who he is or where he came from.

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Go Bok Shil is a pretty little girl who lives in the mountains in a home with no electricity and very few resources. She does not own a cell phone or any everyday products. She lives frugally in order to take care of her beloved grandmother, who is ill. One day while she is wandering through the mountains, she comes across a 50 year old ginseng and the local ahjussi's inform her that it's worth a lot of money. Excitedly, she brings it home to show her grandmother, only to find that she has passed away. Scared, alone and completely broke, Bok Shil leaves the mountain in hopes of finding her brother, Bok Nam in Seoul. After being robbed by a cunning old lady on the train, she is left with nothing but her ginseng and her name. She meets Yoon Sang Hyun, who specializes in marketing and after a rough explanation and some killer bargaining skills, manages to sell the ginseng to him. He takes it home, wondering who this strange girl is and if he can really trust her.  Bok Shil is handing out flyers for her missing brother when she sees a man, wearing the same track suit that her brother had on and rushes over to him, thinking it's Bok Nam.

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Review: I feel like we could have been given more info about what happened to Louis between the plane ride and the stairs but I guess we can only hope they will reveal that later on. I'm liking this drama. It's cute, the actors are good, the story line is kind of interesting and though I'm not completely hooked, I will continue to watch it, out of curiosity. I really enjoy the relationship between Louis and his butler. First off, this actor, Kim Ho Joon, is just an absolute joy. He has done every type of role you could imagine. I've seen him bad, I've seen him good, I've seen him quirky, boring, playful, and conservative. This guy has done everything and he never fails to keep me interested in his character, regardless of the role. He recently starred as the remorseless hospital director in Doctors and was equally entertaining. Second, he manages to create an endless amount of chemistry with everyone he is paired with. These two are a riot in their caretaker/bromance dynamic they have going on. I love watching them and I actually felt sad when I thought about how distraught he is going to be with his young master's, disappearance in the episodes to come.Image result for kdrama bromance

      3/5 Would recommend. It's light, it's fluffy and has great potential. Decent for a first episode.

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