Thursday, September 22, 2016

Scarlet, Rip My Heart Out: Ryeo Ep 9

Is anyone else sitting in their bed, eating muffins and wondering if Wang So is okay? Asking yourself if you're crazy for worrying about the wounded kyupda that was betrayed by the one person he trusted the most? Wishing they could blue-skadoo into their computer/phone and hug the poor thing and make all the bad things go away? Find yourself not able to focus on daily tasks or concentrate on the things going on around you because you are still standing there, watching Hae Soo rip his heart out?

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                                         (I don't even know what's going on anymore....)

After helping our beautiful 4th Prince by covering his scar with makeup, Hae Soo realizes that Wang So is WangJeon, the evil King she read about in history class that for some reason, kills off his brothers, entirely. Fearing for theirs and her life, she begins to act cold and distant to him, making him question her true feelings. Meanwhile, Wook believes he is the object of Hae Soo's affection and tells her that since So was able to make it rain, the king may let one of the court ladies leave their place in Damiwon, assuming it will be her. The king tells So that he may ask for anything and without hesitation, he requests that Hae Soo be given to him as a helper/servant. Of course, we all know this is so he can be close to the girl he has fallen in love with and we don't care because it's adorable and he's adorable and everything is wonderful. Except Hae Soo, she's being a bitch. A heartless one. She goes as far as to write down his makeup recipe and explain how to apply it, himself for future reference. Confused but not quite upset (yet) he brushes it off, no pun intended. What is really sad at this point is, you can tell that he feels that something is off but because he is so tired of being rejected and hurt by his loved ones, he plays it off with that famous grin and walks away. WE KNOW YOU ARE HURTING AND WE ARE SORRY! WE LOVE YOU WANG SO! No one likes Hae Soo right now. In fact, we all know that every time she comes into the picture, she's going to hurt him again and we are soo beyond done with this.

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Wook begins to notice Soo's strange ramblings and behaviour whenever So is mentioned and becomes suspicious, himself. See, what we have here, is a classic example of stirring shit up. NO ONE was doing ANYTHING or SAYING anything BAD/WRONG/DANGEROUS until little miss priss opened her mouth and started to turn the brother's against one another. What amazes me is that Wook doesn't even keep this newfound info to himself. No, he casually mentions it to the obviously evil, second female lead and she promptly spreads it from Goryeo to Walmart. I cannot believe he stirs the pot like that without even considering the consequences.

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                                                                  Did he just?
                                                        No!!  Don't tell her that!!!

The main part of this episode is the end, when Hae Soo has another vision (due to continuous shit stirring, probably) and cannot sleep. She runs out to the garden where she will most likely run into Sexy Pants, err... Wang So to get some air. He comes up behind her, heartbroken over the sickening conversation he just had with Yo and his mother and needing comfort. She pushes him away, hatefully and with eyes full of rage and fear. He is lost. He has no idea what he has done or why she has changed. She explains that she tried to stay the same, tried to change him (no she didn't btw. one sentence to someone who has no idea wtf is going on, is not going to change anything) but it was to no avail since the visions only increased in severity. "Hey don't kill people when you get mad." "Ok. Look at the pretty rain" "YOU'RE A MONSTER" ...wait, what? Enraged at this sudden and unexplained betrayal, he begs her not to look at him like a monster, like everyone else did before he met her and then kisses her, passionately. "You can't leave me without my permission" And like a bad Park Shin Hye clone, she resists the kiss with every fiber of her being.

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                                  Detective, I was wrong. I thought if we got a kiss scene
                                              everything would go back to normal.
                                               We have to change it. We have to go back.

Judging from the previews, it's about to go down. War, rage, murder, betrayal, deceit...hell it looks like he even semi kidnaps her from Wook. I'm excited to know what's in store for everyone but there is a lot of debate about whether she will end up with Wook or So or anyone. We are hoping the Korean version heavily differs from the Chinese version. That was quite a train wreck of emotions that I'm not quite ready for. Regardless of the end result, I just don't want Wang So to be hurt so please...someone go find Lee Joon Ki and hug him for me?

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