Saturday, September 10, 2016


I am just another fangirl who likes to review and discuss her favorite dramas, actors and theories. I'm not going to try to try impress you. That takes too long and honestly, you can only be so witty on the internet nowadays. I'm just going to be me and post whatever I want, however I want. If you like it, daebak~ If not, welp.

I remember my first drama. I think I was about 17 when I first started watching K-Dramas. My roommate was an avid fan and she introduced me to them. That is a rabbit hole I don't wanna go down but she is the reason I have come this far. I have learned the predictable story lines, the kdrama rules, the twists, turns and resolutions but every now and then, something new and unique comes out and it's absolutely mind blowing.

So, being American, I'm used to American television. Criminal Minds, Leverage, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and let's be honest, GG is about as close to a Kdrama as you are gonna get. Complete with cute outfits, flower boys and plenty of cinderella-esque story lines to go around. If you are like me, you like a healthy balance of romance, comedy, thriller, super natural law, medical and drama. Well, we can't have all of that in every show (although sherlock comes pretty close) so it's best to pick your battles. Korean dramas are the BEST way to do that. They not only fuel your imagination, they drop knowledge left and right, have interesting characters with healthy relationships (im lying, most of them are totally unhealthy and need mental consultation asap) but most of all, they are addictive af. You really can't get around it. You are either not into it or you are a coffee driven, sleep deprived- zombie, waiting at the edge of the hour, checking your drama hosting sites non stop to see if your "other" favorite has been released yet and if you don't know Korean or can't at least follow along, then the wait for subs just adds insult to injury. You crave it, you need it. You live for it. This blog is for the people that are nodding as they read this. If you have, at any point while reading this thought that maybe I need psychiatric evaluation, you are probably right and this is not for you.

My first drama was Full House. Oooh, I know. Yep. A classic. One of the big Hallyu wave riders. Starring Bi (Rain) (Jung Ji Hoon) and the lovely, Song Hye Kyo. They met, they hated each other, they needed each other, they hurt each other and then they loved each other. Then they hurt each other some more...not the point. It was a beautiful story of two people meeting by a twist of fate and becoming entangled in each other's life. Every time they met, it was under crazy and very inconvenient circumstances but when they finally decided they had met for a reason, their love was unstoppable and their story is not one, easily forgotten. Thus began my love affair for kdramas. It only gets worse from here.

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